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"I started working with Amy over 2 years ago after struggling 20+ years with an eating disorder/disordered eating. My relationship with food was taxing, all consuming and exhausting. I wasn't nourishing myself given how active my lifestyle was/is and I was exhausted. I was in a vicious cycle of overeating/splurging and then restricting and over exercising. After confiding in my husband that I was ready for a change, he found the Kindred Nutrition practice and I immediately made an appointment with Amy. Amy was so amazing to work with and just the person I needed to rebuild myself, my relationship with food, and nourish my body. I completely trusted her and gave up control of my food and the scale and followed her advice. I have been working with her for over 2 years now. My life has completely changed. I am so much happier and healthier. I am more confident in myself, my body and what I can do. Amy was amazing and I can't thank her enough for helping me overcome this disorder that I have been struggling with for more than half of my life. But not only did working with Amy help me emotionally and physically, my family has been eating better overall too as now I know how to not only nourish myself but how to cook/nourish for my family. We have all reaped the benefits of Amy and her practice and I look forward to continue working with her."

I brought my daughter to Kindred Nutrition over a year ago to help her recover from Aneroxia Nervousa. I highly recommend this place for anyone who is or has a loved one struggling with an eating disorder. The nutritionists, Amy and Becca, have been so instrumental in helping my daughter get to a safe and healthy weight by educating and supporting her. We travel over eighty miles round trip to my daughter's individual and group appointments because Amy and Becca are so knowledgeable and know how to help not only the person with the eating disorder but the family as well. It is well worth the time, energy and trip to work with people who can help.
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