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More Testimonials:
     I've been working with Amy for over a month now and I can't say enough good things! Her help and expertise with nutrition in addition to multiple co-morbidities is priceless and I would feel lost without her. She's knowledgeable and I love that she has the science to back her suggestions.
     This woman is fabulous! She has helped me maintain the proper nutrition to fuel my cycling addiction, gain lean muscle, and lose body fat. Thanks to her guidance, I feel great and get stronger every day
     Amy, I have been following the celiac diet and keeping the high FODMAPS out of the diet.  I cannot begin to put the difference into words--completely night and day with the difference.  Day-to-day I feel like a new person, am happier because not in constant pain etc. and even sleep better. A big thing is that I am not afraid to eat anymore. As long as I am watching ingredients I can actually enjoy food again and properly fuel for my runs. Thank you!
     Amy, I wanted to email you to let you know that she continues to do well and that we will always consider you to have played a huge role in getting her to that graduation!  She has maintained her healthy weight and eats normally.  I feel so proud for all that she has accomplished, including, and maybe most of all her recovery.  I also thought about you and her team and how lucky we were to have the team facilitating and supporting recovery.  Please know we will forever be grateful.
     I've been coming for a month and have lost 12 lbs so far. I'm eating normal foods but with a healthy twist and really just better pairing and choices. Very maintainable. Great accountability!
     I have tried every diet in the book. The dietitians at Kindred Nutrition have a unique talent that many modern providers lack. They listen before they educate which  allows for realistic, sustainable changes. I am slowly reaching my goal without feeling deprivation.